Our company, as a representative office of , is providing a fully after sale service for his customers. We have prepared Hungarian user manual for every machine in our assortiment. We are selling  coffee machines with, 2 years warranty for machines and 3 yers warranty for central units(one the main part of the coffe machines) (s patent).


We have a big spare parts store, and well organised service network all over the country. We have a maintenence service and in some cases we are providing hot beverges for companies over  hot beverge dispensers.

If you don’t have the time to maintenece your  machine, turn to us, we can do it for you. Ask a quotoation from us.

Our service mans are learning on service courses in  about the latest coffee machine models. It is very important at the new  models, which are different from the earliset models. In these models a computer softwer runs the whole machine. This softwer has to be updated from time to time. Only authorised  dealers have the equipment for this udpating. On this way customers who bought machines earlier can have the latest softwer on their machine, providing them always the best quality.


To whome can you beleive better than to authorised service center. We know how is important for you to know there is adequate after sale service for your  machine if you need…