Warranty .

At promotional price machines, in aim, that you have Saeco machine on as much as possible low price, we give 1 year warranty. If you need expanded warranty, please turn to us and if your machine was imported by us, you can to purchase it.

Keep on mind...

We as exclusive distributor of  in Hungary and former Yugoslavian countries, providing a fully after sale service: user manual on language of country of selling, 2 years warranty (in Hungary 3 years for Central unit –  patent). We have a well organised service netwok and big spare parts store. We are using genuine  pats for servicing machines.

Recently many web shops have been offering  machines. Some of them import them illegaly and sell them without Hungarian user manual or valid warranty for our country.

ONLY MACHINES IMPORTED BY CADY-TRADE95 Ltd HAVE VALID WARRANTY FOR HUNGARY. These machines fit all the Hungarian security rules. This isn’t snugly true for machines produced for other countries, despite the exactly equal machine housing. If you are in need of service, we can provide you short servicing terms and profesionnal repairing and original spare parts, which means you’ll get your coffe machine fixed in less time, by professionals with the best parts avalible.

Our company won’t regret to repair the mentioned illegaly imported coffe machines (for the greater good of  company), but in these cases you will have to pay for the waranty problems too, while without a hungarian warranty we can’t afford the repair on our own cost.

Capsule coffe machines…

Nowdays capsule coffe machines take out a big part of the market, while they are quite cheap compared to fully automatic machines (but to tell you in person, this low price do has it’s reasons). At first they seem to be a good buy, but the truth is they are not, the reason is the highly priced capsules. Producers try to make their coffe machines in a way so they can be used with just only their coffe capsules. The price of these capsules are usually somewhere near 100 HUF. Just to compare, a coffe breved on an automatic machine costs 13-40 HUF (depending on the quality of the coffe, the highest price means the best quality coffe which has the same taste as those in Italian coffe houses).

So the question is easy. Will you drink a capsule coffe for the price of 4 tastefull espresso coffes made on automatic machines?

Based on an avarage household (daily 2-3 presso coffes), after just only 1 year, it is worth to buy an automatic machine, and in this case we haven’t even mentioned the original Italian taste of coffe…

Advantage of authorised service centres...

Our mechanists are equiped with the knowledge which is needed for repairing and maintanancing coffe machines. It’s even more improtant, especially with the new saeco machines, on which saeco uses the newest technologies, and this is what makes  machines better than the competitive machines. These machines are fully computer controlled devices, and the softwers are only and just only avalible from representative saeco distributors. This means that even those who use older machines can upgrade their software if they want to.

The Xsmall wins the "Plus X Award" for Design category

Gaggio Montano, 20th May 2009 -  Yesterday, 19th May, the XSmall, automatic coffee machines, won the Plus X Award 2009 - the largest technology-based contest of its kind in Europe - for Design category.

Plus X Award was set up to give recognition to products that excel, in technological terms, in the categories telephony, hi-fi, electric household appliances and electronics for the home, IT equipment, photography and in-car entertainment.

The jury, including journalists and experts, awarded six prizes: Plus X for Design, Plus X for Innovation, Plus X for Ecology, Plus X for Ease of Use, Plus X for Ergonomics, Plus X for High Quality.

Plus X Award is a prestigious distinction for the smallest Saecos automatic coffee machine for home use.

The winning products of the Plus X Award 2009 will go on display in Berlin for the IFA (International Electronic Trade Fair, 4th-9th September 2009) in the "Hall of Fame" dedicated to the most innovative products in the technological field.


The new automatic Xsmall machines are like small, light and compact jewels, in which are enclosed all of Saecos technological know-how. Characterised by an ergonomic design and rounded, sinuous forms, the Xsmall espresso coffee machines are the result of a project conducted by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the German consultancy studio with which Saeco has worked in close collaboration for a number of years.

Xsmall machines have been designed to satisfy a public of young managers and career women, highly-evolved and urban consumers who live in major cities and in small homes, but who enjoy a dynamic lifestyle. Accustomed to optimising space and time, the "new yuppies" favour functionality and essentialness in the appliances they buy, without having to surrender anything in terms of design, high performance and quality.

Saeco, based near Bologna, produces and sells coffee machines for domestic and professional use. It employs 2900 staff, has three production plants producing 1 million machines a year, and is present in more than 90 countries. Cady-Trade95 Ltd, more than a 15 years taking care about Saecos good brand name in Hungary.