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Let us introduce ourselves (Cady-Trade95 Ltd) as the exclusive dealer of three Italian companies in Hungary. These firms are SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco International Group Spa), (Polti Spa) and (TVS Spa). Every one of them are the leaders on the field of activity. Polti is the leader in production of stem irons, steam cleaners and water filter hovers, TVS is the leader in production of non stick aluminium pans and casseroles, and last but notleast SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) is of course one of the well-known coffee machine producers. This page is dedicated to SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) and his products. You can learn about the best coffee machines not only for domestic but semi professional and  also professional purposes.



SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) has his representatives all over the world. On every urbanised continent, in almost every countries SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) is a subsidiarier or distributor. In production line there are single, automatic, domestic, semi professional and professional items and hot beverage dispensers. Retailers and other significant players on the market as MIELE, BOSH-Siemens, TEFAL, PHILIPS and NESPRESSO,  they know SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) as one of the best producer of mentioned items as SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) makes coffee machines for all of them under their own brand name.


Italy is the country of espresso coffee. Where and who else can make the best coffee machines, than in Italy the Italians? The secret is beside the right espresso coffee mixture, the optimal grindness of coffee, the optimal compactness of the grinded coffee, the adequate water temperature and water pressure. The mentioned best quality Italian coffees are presented on the Hungarian market, the other mentioned factors are built in SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) coffee machines. Automatic machines are preparing espresso coffee just simply pressing by a button. They make espresso in  30 seconds. You don’t have to know the way how to prepare the best espresso. The machine has that knowledge for you.


In some models there is a counter, on which you can follow the prepared coffee portions. On that way SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra(Saeco) machines can be used for rental purposes (coffee service). Many coffee rosters are using SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) machines in their activities.


Since 1987 Saeco machines are avalible in Hungary too. We are selling machines directly and over our retailer network. In our assortment you can find household, semi professional and professional models, and of course the beverage dispensers and snack machines.


Beside of SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) machines there is a wide assortment of SPIDEM products too. SPIDEM is the second SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) brand. Machines are produced in Saeco factories. under SPIDEM brand name, in the same quality but under SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) price level. It is an opportunity for those who wants SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) quality but for less money. It is a good entrance in the SAECO logo hivatkozással a Saeco oldalra (Saeco) coffee machines world.



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Our partners for example are, just a few of them:
Raiffesen Bank Zrt., Erste Bank Zrt., HVB Bank, Inter Europa Bank, OTP, T-COM Zrt., RTL Klub, Siemens, Gorenje, Sony, Philipp Morris Kft, Danubius Rádió, Sláger Rádió, Dreher Sörgyárak Rt., Zwack Zrt., GE Electric., MALÉV, British Airways, Ferrero Zrt., Antenna Hungaria Zrt., Media Markt, Saturn, Metro, Euronics Áruházak, Cora, Kika, ElektroPont, Kátay Áruházak, Douwe Egberts, Segafredo Zanetti Hungaria Kft., Tchibo M.O. Kft., Bravos Coffee, Hoki Kft., Ventas Coffee, Pannon Kávé Kft., and hundreds of more companies in Hungary, some as reteilers too.


You can see the mentioned machines in our show room near to The Hungarian Mint Ltd. in the Blathy Otto street 4-8.



Look in a head, the preparing of espresso coffee can be automatic, too. The taste can be traditionally good if it’s prepared on the right machine…


We are providing a full after sale service, with the service network and retailer network. We are selling machines from the stock, without you having to wait for the  delivery of them. Whit the direct cooperation with the factory we can provide any spare parts in a short time period, even for the machines which are not in our assortment.